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MaskC19 is passionate about helping those on the front lines by providing fabric masks to essential workers.

In fact, MaskC19 started as a result of a grassroots effort to provide masks to those desperately in need. People were donating above and beyond; however, we were quickly running out of materials and supplies. We did the math and based off what people were willing to donate and fair market value we realized we could help so many more people by offering an online selling platform.
This accomplished two things:

1) it allows us to be safe because we are not meeting hundreds of people in person to deliver masks and pick up donated fabric

2) it allows us to make more masks because we can simply ship now instead of navigate order requests coming in through many avenues of text, email, social media message platforms. MaskC19 has allowed us to streamline the production and delivery process so that we can help more people.

Cost factors in:
  • Packing 
  • Labor to sew
  • Cost of NEW sourced in the USA materials
  • Online ordering platform 
  • Keeping a clean sanitary production facility.

MaskC19 has provided jobs and is helping small businesses not fold.

So THANK YOU for your support because people who are passionate like you are the reason MaskC19 was founded.